Established in March 2015, VAJRA SECURITIES AND ALLIED SERVICES (ISO Certified) is a leading security company providing industrial security services.

The Company has been the leading providers of maritime security and related services in Pune and the region and our performance has resulted in a proud record of achievement that has made us an integral part of the corporate industry in Pune and the region.

We have access to all the centralized information and data required in an investigation. What makes the company unique in the security business is that the directors and staff of VAJRA SECURITIES AND ALLIED SERVICES are committed to a safe Pune and region where all the knowledge, training and experience that they offer has been accumulated.

We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers with an efficient service executed by a security force that is empowered through continuous training and supervision.


Behind every successful personality, personal security is a great reason." - Vajra Securities.


To every client engagement we bring the industry's best security management and allied service.

To provide technology-enhanced security interventions to investigate, control and manage both actual and suspected security violations and contraventions.

To provide a service and protect to our clients at all costs and under all circumstances under our control, using integrity and confidentiality as our prime philosophy.

To recruit the best people available in the industry and invest significantly in training our people on a regular ongoing basis.

Kick start your reliability initiative with our company, and we will try to give you the best security service.


The company offers a range of specialist security services in an ever demanding and sophisticated world that we live in. We work with specialists in allied fields such as law, finance, security media and communications. We provide guards for Banking sectors, ATMs, Hotels, Hospitals, Corporate companies etc. A few of the security services we offer.

  • Personal protection of V.I.P’s and corporate clients (Body Guard Service).
  • Personal security and residential home protection.
  • Security consultations and recommendations.
  • Security Guards for ATM.
  • Transporting of high valuable goods.


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